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The B Words…

11 Words Every Woman Must Navigate on the Journey to Self-Defined Success

Tricia latest book – The B Words, follows the trajectory of women’s
life and career identifying key B words that can propel women forward creating the life they want on
their own terms. Other B Words identify grenades that can
blow women off course due to outdated, limiting beliefs and biases that still permeates the workplace culture of today. Each
chapter provides stories and sage advice followed by Breakthrough Strategies on how to design a successful life your way on your terms.

The book will be available in end of 2019. (Sign up here for preorder or information)

Wise Irish Women

Fully titled Wise Irish Women: A Journey of Love, Loyalty, and Friendship to Inspire the Irish Spirit, the book presents the stories of 36 remarkable women whose lives were profoundly and deeply impacted by their Irish roots.

Among the luminaries included: The best-selling mystery writer Mary Higgins Clark shares her story of how a widow with five young children climbed to the top of the publishing industry by simply following the life lessons she learned from her Irish mother, which included “never give up!” The playwright Marianne McDonald tells her story of surviving the biggest curse of the Irish—alcoholism. McDonald recovered and, determined to help others survive addiction, founded the Scripps McDonald Center for Chemical Dependence in San Diego, Calif. Readers also will hear from TV personality Jane Treacy, who, after 25 years as a top host on QVC, is one of television’s most beloved and trusted figures and who credits her pioneering career to her Irish mother’s insight and support.

Admittedly, the world at large may not have heard of many of the women in my book. Still, each of them has made a big difference in her own little corner of the world.

Like most things Irish, the new book Wise Irish Women is a labor of love.


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