Success is as unique as DNA. That is why it is self –defined. It is messy and complicated full of challenges, starts and stops. It is not linear and it is not easy and not everyone in your sphere of influence, friends, family and coworkers will approve, understand or get it. The only way for you to achieve self-defined success is to take the time to think about what in this life will bring you joy, satisfaction and meaning.



About Tricia

Tricia rose to the executive level ranks of the historically male dominated construction industry to find her self in a lonely place as the only women in the room. Her mission in life is to now change that dynamic by raising the standard of leadership to empower organizations to create better leaders and ultimately create healthy work environments that reduce risk, empower the future generations and celebrate diversity of all people. Tricia created an authentic career in her own unique way all while raising a family. Over the years, more women have joined the nontraditional professions it yet it is uncommon to see women in leadership roles. Tricia was one of the lucky ones who navigated a career into the C-Suite. Her mission in life is to share her journey with others so she can open the door for the next generation of women professional’s, spark a conversation and pass on key lessons that will ultimately make a difference in her little corner of the world.

Tricia is currently the Area VP of Construction for Gallagher. 

When it is all said and done, what did you do with the gift of your time on this planet?
— Tricia Kagerer

Tricia Kagerer


Tricia Kagerer has over 20 years of Construction Risk Management and Safety experience working with contractors across the United States. She is an expert in risk & safety management, leadership, culture and performance excellence. From 2013 to 2019 Tricia has served as a Risk Management Executive with ACIG, a large construction captive insurance group where she provided comprehensive construction risk management and crisis management services. Prior to joining ACIG, Tricia served as the Vice President of Risk & Safety Management for Jordan Foster Construction, a large diverse Texas based general contractor. 

Tricia is dedicated to lifelong learning and recently became a Certified Giant Worldwide 5 Voices consultant. ( GiANT is a message, an idea. The idea that if we could grow humble leaders we would have less drama and insecurity in the world. If, together, we could build cultures full of liberated leaders then we would be able to create true change in our cultures from pride-based leadership to humility-based leadership. 

Tricia holds a Master’s Degree in Education and Human Development focused on Conflict Resolution from SMU, Dallas, Texas and a B.S. in Business Administration and a B.A. in Communication from Regis University in Denver, Colorado. Tricia has received numerous awards throughout her career including Dallas Business Journal Women to Watch, Business Insurance Magazine – Top 25 Women to Watch, DFW Associated General Contractors Safety Director of the Year, and ASSE (American Society of Safety Engineers) Safety Professional of the Year 

Currently Tricia serves on the board of TEXO (AGC/ABC Dallas). Tricia is an expert on Women’s Leadership in Non-Traditional roles in the workplace and the author of the upcoming book The B Words; 12 Words Every Woman Must Navigate on the Journey to Self-Defined Success. She is a frequent writer on various Risk and Safety related articles including a column in CLM Litigation Magazine “What’s at Risk” and the book Defend Your Profits – Tools for Quality Construction & Botto Line Improvement. She is also the author of the book Wise Irish Women; A Journey of Love, Loyalty & Friendship to Inspire the Irish Spirit. 



  • Giant Worldwide Leadership Coach – 5 Voices Certified 

  • CSP – Certified Safety Professional 

  • CPCU‐ Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter 

  • ARM – Associate in Risk Management AIC – Associate in Claims CRIS – Construction Risk Insurance Professional 


  • Conflict Resolution Negotiation 

  • Baldrige Performance Excellence Examiner